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  Intergalactic Team Relations and the Diplomacy of Outer Space

  Stars exist in galaxies and there are three types of galaxies in the universe: spiral, elliptical, and irregular galaxies. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is a spiral galaxy and our Sun resides far out from the galaxy’s center. At the center of probably all galaxies is a black hole, which is so dense that light cannot escape from it. Any matter that comes near a black hole is attracted to it by gravity, and as the matter speeds up a large amount of radiation is emitted. Stars near the center of a galaxy and far enough from the black hole can survive its gravitational pull, but they are subject to much more intense radiation than stars far away from the center of a galaxy. Since radiation is not conducive to life, it is good that our Sun is not near the center of our galaxy. Further the Sun’s almost circular galactic orbit keeps it far away from the center. In the case of elliptical and irregular galaxies, stars have orbits that cause them to visit the center of their galaxies.

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